Young People

Festival Crowd VectorAs a paediatric nurse, a school nurse and as a counsellor at Gloucestershire College I have worked with many young people and I believe they are able to change their way of thinking quickly and easily, finding creative ways to feel better about themselves and the world.

Young people face many issues. Some feel deeply lonely. Others lack confidence, feel down about their bodies, struggle with a sense of identity, or cannot cope with the pressures of school or life in general.

Bullying, issues at home and abuse are very real problems. Many self-harm or suffer with disordered eating, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. These are ways that emotions such as fear, frustration, anger and sadness can manifest and be expressed.

young_71016368As a counsellor I listen to you in confidence and without judgement. This can help you to recognise your feelings and what they might be connected to. I work alongside you, moving at your pace so that you feel in control of your sessions, you feel safe and able to work through your feelings and emotions without feeling self-conscious or scared.

As a coach I can encourage you in making the right choices. You might feel that you need help with creating strategies to deal with stress in your life, or perhaps to communicate better with others. Coaching can enable you to think better and clarify your goals, helping you to move forward in a direction you wish to go.