A lot of people have listened to me but you are the only person that has really heard….
Rachel, student, Gloucester

My partner and I went to see Kate for some help with our relationship. She helped us see much more clearly what we needed to do to change things for the better. It took a while but was really worth it!
Karen, Gloucester

I had one to one coaching with Kate to help me with managing my son’s behavior. Kate’s a fantastic coach and is a wonderfully kind and compassionate person. I can highly recommend Kate.
Suzy, mother of one, Cheltenham

I was really unwell and had to drop out of my ‘A’ Levels.  My counselling with Kate gave me the guidance and support I needed to get myself well again. I now believe in myself much more and have come to trust what Kate calls that little voice inside.
Penny, Student, Cheltenham

Kate- a huge thank you for being so fantastic, knowledgeable, patient and reassuring during our parenting workshop….you made it such a worthwhile experience.
Kerry, mother of two, Cheltenham

I’m not sure how I would describe the change I feel having seen Kate. I’m just much calmer and feel less bothered about things now. I used to be scared to try anything new and now I just get stuck in!
Nikki, Gloucester

A great sharing and learning experience, I would recommend Kate’s workshops and courses to anyone!
Emma, Cheltenham

This sounds a bit weird but my counselling sessions with Kate were actually quite fun! I always felt much lighter after my sessions.
Helen, Student, Cheltenham

Kate is extremely well informed and her sessions are friendly and supportive. Experienced, deeply empathetic and a mum herself, everyone needs to meet Kate!
Merrigan, mother of one, Cheltenham

‘Kate has boundless strategies tailored to meet the needs of people who want to help themselves.’
Lesley, mother of two, Gloucester

My counselling with you helped me to see my family life in a different way…..now if I get stuck I think, what would Kate say?
Sarah, IT professional, Cheltenham

You helped me see my strengths and believe in myself as a parent. I am now able to see the world the way my children see it and this has made me a much more patient and tolerant mum. Thank you Kate,
Ellie, mother of three, Gloucester

I feel so much better for coming to see you. You have a way of making me see things in a different way and I can now deal with my anxiety and don’t feel like I’m falling apart anymore. I think my children are much calmer because of it! Thank you
Amanda, mother of three, Cheltenham

I have had three counselling sessions with you so far and kind of feel like I am more ‘with’ my children now if that makes sense!
Lucy, mother of two, Gloucester

You asked me how I felt not what I thought. I tend to be the sort of person that lives in my head. You have helped me connect to my feelings and use my intuition and this has made me a much more instinctive parent, thank you Kate.
Anna, mother of two, Gloucester