happy family on sea vacationSimply put, nothing prepares you for being a parent. The responsibility can be overwhelming, as can the volumes of available information. Parents often question their own ability but I am a great advocate of parental instinct and finding ways of parenting that work for you and your family. My role is to listen and support, working with you to recognise specific issues and find creative solutions or ways to navigate them with confidence.

As a counsellor I work with mothers who have experienced birth trauma and need to de-brief this before they can move on emotionally. As a qualified lactation consultant I have worked with mothers who have found breastfeeding difficult or traumatic. Talking about their feelings can release them from emotions that block them from being the mums they want to be.

I have worked with parents who have children with life limiting illness or special needs. Sharing their grief and feeling listened to is an important part of being able to develop ways of managing their own, and their children’s, physical and emotional needs.parents_61465326

I have worked with mums and dads suffering with post-natal depression and those who feel that their relationship is under strain, providing support while they adjust to a new way of communicating and understanding each other.

As a coach I provide parents with practical guidance on behavioural issues or child development. In the early years managing issues such as toddler tantrums, potty training, sleeping and weaning is difficult and my support, alongside other health professionals, can be invaluable. Further down the line I work with parents who find it challenging to understand and manage their teenager’s approach to life. Together we have developed strategies to enable them to live together more harmoniously.