Orme di un uomo che passeggia sulla spiaggia in riva al mareI worked within the field of nursing for many years and as such have had the privilege of working with people from across many different age groups, cultures, races and backgrounds.

People come to see me for very different reasons. Some are grieving and need a safe and nurturing space in which to express their grief, some are having difficulty coming to terms with life events such as separation, divorce, illness, job loss or the birth of a child, some are experiencing relationship difficulties with partners, children, family or work colleagues, some are suffering with anxiety and depression and need support to deal with these feelings and some guidance in moving forward with their lives in a positive way.

Young woman reading a book at beach

As a counsellor, I listen in a way that will enable you to feel heard and emotionally supported. Being listened to without fear of judgment and having a quiet space  in which you are able to reach your own conclusions are key aspects of good counselling.

As a coach, I can offer an opportunity for you to re-evaluate your life and to look at what is happening for you with new perspective, enabling positive change.