6fa13ce7-bae7-47ee-ada0-c8db6c9dea6cLife would be easier if we could choose our family. Unfortunately we can’t and at times we inevitably come to loggerheads with other family members. I have worked with parents, step-parents, adoptive and foster parents, grandparents, young people, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins to resolve family relationship issues.

As a counsellor I work with people who feel misunderstood or who are seeking to understand the behaviour of family members. Often my clients feel bullied or simply not listened to. Talking the situation through and being heard often helps them to recognise a problem and enables their feelings to be validated. This makes it easier for people to see how they could better deal with their situation, or perhaps to find the strength and courage to come to terms with how they have been treated or have treated others.

As a coach I work with family members, ensuring that people listen respectfully to one another without the interruptions, jibes and commentary that might otherwise take place. Family coaching can help people to feel heard and to see themselves and others in a different light, enabling them to communicate more effectively and to move forward in a positive way.