ağaç altında kitap okumakEvery relationship is unique and will either flourish or wither according to whether its specific needs are met. So many factors can impact on a relationship and how well it works and sometimes it is difficult to recognise where things have gone wrong without help from a third party.

Cross roadsAs a counsellor, when working with couples, I initially meet with both partners together. I then work with each person one to one for a period of time before meeting with the couple again. This enables both people within the relationship to explore their experiences and express their feelings freely without fear of interruption or judgment. This often helps clarify the specific issues for each individual and how they wish to express these to their partner and how they see their relationship in the future.

As a coach I work with the couple together, providing a listening environment. This enables each person within the relationship to be heard and supported. The focus of these sessions is on acknowledging the past and looking for creative ways to resolve conflict and to navigate perceived blocks so that the couple are able to move forward together, or in some cases to choose different paths from one another.